A Potted Work History

Graduated with a degree in computer science in 1987 and got my first development job in 1990 when employed by Insignia Solutions (which specialized in PC emulation software). Working here solidified my existing C knowledge (being  exposed  to code that had to run on numerous systems so had to be highly portable and also efficient).

Working at Insignia provided exposure to software development practices such as coding standards, code design, peer reviews, source code control systems, code analysis, optimization and working as part of various small teams.

Support work was also carried out between and during product life-cycles not just in one area  but any parts of the product for which it was needed;which helped gain a practical working knowledge of its entirety.

After the Linux/Macintosh ICA Client was acquired by Citrix Systems (developers included) I found myself working for a new master. Here work was still carried out in C (also with some exposure  to C++) but it was more a support/porting/maintenance role  which for me wasn’t that exciting or challenging .

After seven years a life decision was made and  I decided to take a long career break to pursue interests outside work.  Taking a long break is an unconventional thing to do but all the spark had gone out of work in a profession that was the only thing I ever wanted to do.

The time on this break has been spent in pursuit of various interests and travel (mainly within the UK).Part of these interests do include a passion for technology and love of coding which has helped keep core skills up-to-date and abreast of the the latest industry developments.

This was achieved partly as being a member of the British Computer Society and subscribing to its journal, doing numerous online technical courses available and through coding projects gleaned from various sources such as GitHub, the web or self generated ideas. Lately these adventures have been put into a more formal setting by publishing this  blog and placing personal projects online mainly as a aid to gaining employment but also a record of what have done for myself.

So this blog is intended to showcase current technical competencies and also new training that has been undertaken in order to find employment after my long career break. My current LinkedIn profile can be found here.