Data Importer.

I am a big fan of learning by doing and my case coding; in particular finding a solution to a problem that I personally would find useful. For me it involves the importing of a CSV file from a pedometer program that I use called Accupedo. I am a very keen walker/rambler/trekker but I have lapsed in the past few years but have started again in order to get fit and loose weight.

I wanted to ways of taking the data that it generates and importing it into a database so I could keep an eye on my progress. Hence I started work on a data importer program written in Node/JavaScript that watches a folder for a CSV file and will process it firstly into JSON and then optionally into an SQL data base. I chose Node/JavaScript as this would increase my knowledge in the area but also as  they make  it easy and dare say fun to write code with.

The idea again is just to solve a particular problem that I want a solution for and make it  as generic as possible to use in other ways at a later date; in particular using the folder watching / file processing engine in other projects. I will post at a later date on progress made.

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