C++ File Processing Engine and my development environment.

Like all my projects I like to add another language component to the learning experience so I have decided to create a C++ variant of the engine. This will be a simple command line program that emulates the JavaScript variants behavior as closely as possible. The target environment will be Linux and I will compile link and build it on one of my handful of raspberry pis using NetBeans on my PC to edit the files and control the remote builds.

I have been using NetBeans exclusively over the last few months to do both my projects for both C++/C and JavaScript and find it easy to use, flexible and powerful. I like to keep most development off my main PC (except JavaScript) and remote compiling with this is ideal (and its free).  At the moment I have 2 raspberry pis setup as just development machines where I can compile, link and debug any projects and examples that I find on the net. One runs Raspbian Jessie and the other Arch Linux just for a bit of Linux variety.

An alternative is Eclipse which I have tried out but I just clicked with NetBeans and so will use that for present. I tried Developer Studio for a few days and have no qualms about using it in a work/product environment but all i can say is TOO BIG TOO  BIG TOO BIG.


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