File Print Engine and HP ePrint.

Having just bought a new printer (HP Deskjet) which has the facility of being able to email a print job to it there’s me thinking i could write a ePrint mail spooler for it to enable me to use it from my Linux boxes .I have a hate/hate relationship with Linux printing so this solution seemed ideal as  I have given up on trying to get CUPS to work with my Raspbians (well for the moment).

A coupe of hours finding a suitable package at npm taking an existing module, modifying it and viola I have a portable print spooler. You do need an email account to mail from (I used google) and ePrint setup but it works a treat.

The file which supports it follows that standard layout for a task process JavaScript file and it uses the package nodemailer to provide the SMTP transport layer for the e mailer. Nodemailer is a powerful package but the functionality needed is basic but easy to implement; note all the details like STMP tranport, emailing source account details and printer email address are all taken from eprint.json.

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