I have been using this library for a few months now and like its portability even though it is bulky and does have performance issues. The main functionality I tend to use as a goto is the file handling as  I like the ability to do simple stuff in one function call that would take lines of standard C++.  Given I wanted to make the FPECPP a command line driven program I decided to look into what BOOST provided.

It does this through its program_options library and like most of the library can be difficult to get into but I found a good starter article that detailed most functionality that I wanted to use in the FPE . Once the initial skeleton code was in place and working I found it very easy to add new options or modify existing ones and things like –help and parameter validation and taken care of for you.

The version of BOOST shipped with Raspbian is out of date and contains bugs that I needed fixes for  so I downloaded the source and built it on my Raspbian. Initially tried this on one of my older 1As but it gave up half way through (out of swap space I think) but trying the build on my modern 3 went without a hitch though slow so I recommend only doing this on a  more modern pi. There are a few guides to doing this but this one worked for me.

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