TDD and JavaScript.

Whilst looking for a job after my long hiatus I have been seeing the acronym TDD a lot on job specs and thought I would use my trusted friend google to find out more about it. The concepts behind Test Driven Development are not new and I have used them in my past but the formalization of the ideas and concepts is new to me.

Initially I am going to look into this from the view point of JavaScript and I found a good primer here. The article is in three a parts but it is adequate introduction to the concepts; its uses mocha and chai and runs through the creation of a simple JavaScript app using TDD techniques. I intend to use this a a springboard to try and retrofit what I have learned to my JavaScript projects. Though not strictly TDD as  I am applying it to existing code I consider it will be a useful exercise.

After wards I will probably do the same for C++ and at present googletest looks like a good framework to start with; actually given I am in C++ mode at the moment I will most likely try to apply google test to the C++ FPE. So to get started I need to install it on Raspbian and after searching around I found this guide for Ubuntu which seems to be pretty generic and worked for me; eell up to the part where you copy the libraries as I built any examples using Netbeans on my PC.

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