Six monthly update.

I the past six months I have worked on  number of  personal projects:

– Simple CRUD contacts database application that uses an HTML user interface, client side JavaScript (Query/AJAX) to communicate with a server side Node/JavaScript component that talks to an MySQL or SQLite database back-end.
– Generic data importer written in Node/JavaScript to enable the importing of comma separated value files into either an MySQL or SQLite database by simply copying them to a watch folder.
– File processing engine (FPE) application written in Node/JavaScript that takes files copied/moved into a configured watch folder and processes it using a set script.
– C++ variant of the FPE written in C11++ on Linux. This not only involved the creation of the core program logic but also the of numerous support classes for such things as file event watching, STMP mail creation and an IMAP command processor.

The above all helped increase my knowledge/experience of the following HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, C11++, SQL, SQLite, BOOST C++ Libraries, JQuery, AJAX, RESTful APIs, and Linux.

So what is ahead for the next six months ? Well for the near future I intend to refactor some of the classes that I have created in particular separate out the IMAP decode response code from CMailIMAP into  separate class, write a high level functional interface that uses CMailIMAP to do things like fetch and decode mail attachments.  I also want to come back to Node/JavaScript and work on that more;probably through new projects.

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