Coding Respite.

At the beginning of May my main hard drive broke  and while waiting for a new drive I caught up on my reading backlog. This list has grown extensive and includes

  • The latest C11++ revision of The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup
  • Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs  by Scott Meyers
  • The STL Tutorial and Reference Guide by David R Musser
  • Effective STL By Scott Meyers

I have read most of these before  but not up to date revisions and given this was pre-C11++ it seemed like a good idea to read them; I know there are newer standards but I tend to use C11++ as a base line for writing code.

Google was also used to track down several tutorials on the C++ STL that include these sites (Search site for STL articals or any other targeted topic)

My main machine used to  run Windows 10 but after I received a new hard drive I decided to bite the bullet and finally install  and use Linux. After some thought I opted for one the most popular distros Linux Mint to replace it.

Bar all the standard default packages I have installed the following

  • Netbeans
  • Elipse
  • Mono
  • QTCreator

I already used Netbeans for C++ development under windows 10 and cross compiling for Raspbian.  The  new packages are for future use as I wish to get into Java and QT development; initially for GUI related work. Mono is for later when I may learn about .NET and C#.

As I  use it mainly for development and I do not play  games these days then I after two months of use I really don’t miss windows at all.

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