On travelling through the network ether with my trusted guide googlesan I discovered a gem of a training site https://www.tutorialspoint.com that covers virtually all the languages and environments that I may ever want to know about. I skimmed the tutorials that I already know a lot about (like C C++)  but still picked up some useful information/insights . Since then I have  spent quite some time learning more about Javascript ,Node.js, HMTL, PHP which complimented  what I had lean’t at Lynda.com.


On doing the JavaScript courses and examples I discovered that JavaScript is not just used for client side operations but also in various frameworks and run-time environments including one called Node.js which is gaining in popularity. So I’ve decided to find out more about by doing “Node.js Essential training”at you have guessed it Lynda.com.

SQL Tutorial.

Going to spend the next few days learning about standard SQL at www.mysqltutorial.org. For this I’m going to use my raspberry pi 3 box that runs Raspbian Jessie as the server as it already has LAMP installed on it.  This is not to become an expert in SQL but to pick a good understanding  of what composes a database and can be achieved with it. To do the examples provided I picked up a copy of decent Windows based client called HeidiSQL to issue remote SQL commands to me raspbian box.

Initially I did the “Essential SQL Training” course at Lynda.com but wanted to expand on what I had learned so I googled the above website and worked my way through it.

Object Orientated Design (OOD)

Given when I did my degree in the 80s the only formal education in design methodology I have had is in top down design.  I picked up the basics of OOD through my work but this was’t to any great depth so I decided to do the course “Foundations of Programming: Object-Oriented Design” at Lynda.com as a primer for the area. This was a good starting place but I need to pickup on this at a later date.


C# programming.

Lynda.com has some useful courses for C# novices. Up and Running with C# and C# with .NET Programming. This site is quite a costly but you can make use of the free 10 day trial that they provide; but don’t forget to cancel before that trial period is up. Another thing that I did is make a list of courses that I wanted to do and when it reached a threshold subscribe for a month and cram all the courses in.